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This page provides up-to-date information to landowners and stakeholders for wells that, due to their proximity to residents or other developments, may require additional information sharing and status updates. It is intended as a first resource for information.

If you have any additional information needs pertaining to any wells within this section, you can also contact for direct responses to your questions.


Vermilion – Tenwell #1

Important Information Updates: The Orphan Well Association (OWA), in conjunction with the Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Health Services, is proposing a long-term strategy to manage methane from the well located in the playground in the Brennan subdivision. Details of the proposed Long-term Management Program are contained in our new information sheet.

Phase 1 starts September 21

The first phase of the Tenwell #1 Long-term Management Program is the Methane Interception Operation. This operation will start on September 21 and run for up to six days. Details on this operation are contain in our project update sheet.

If you have questions about the Long-term Management Program, please contact us by email at

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