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This page provides up-to-date information to landowners and stakeholders for wells that, due to their proximity to residents or other developments, may require additional information sharing and status updates. It is intended as a first resource for information.

If you have any additional information needs pertaining to any wells within this section, you can also contact for direct responses to your questions.


Vermilion – Tenwell #1

Important Information Updates: The Orphan Well Association (OWA) continues to monitor the area of the well within the playground in the Brennan subdivision.

A second round of soil vapour and groundwater sampling was undertaken at the site in August 2019. Results of the event indicate that the soil vapour vacuum system, installed in June 2019, appears to be working well with methane concentrations now only measurable within two metres of the well. In December 2019, a small crew from our prime consultant, Golder Associates, will be on site to add insulation and electrical heat-trace to the temporary soil vapour vacuum system to allow it to operate throughout the winter months. During this upgrade there will likely be two-three trucks on site and a crew of up to 6 people for a couple of days. No playground closures are anticipated.

A third soil vapour and groundwater sampling event will be conducted on site during the week of January 6, 2020. During this week you will see a two person crew with a half-ton truck on-site throughout the week. No closures of the playground apparatus is anticipated.

To date, the soil vapour vacuum system response and sampling results have all been favourable. These confirm that the well continues to present little to no elevated risks to the public in the vicinity of the well.

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