Choosing Contractors

OWA contractors are critical partners as we perform our mandate to safely decommission and remediate orphan wells, facilities and pipelines, as efficiently as possible. We engage Prime Contractors, who have qualified to manage large OWA projects, who then hire subcontractors to complete our projects in the field.

Our Prime Contractors are skilled professionals who have an excellent track record in safety and delivery. Prime contractors are selected through a rigorous RFP/RFQ process. The last competition was completed in summer of 2020.

The OWA has a three-step process to awarding work:

Step 1: The OWA identifies a package of work and determines the Prime Contractor who is best suited to deliver it.

Step 2: The Prime Contractor conducts a competitive process to select subcontractors for the work.

Step 3: The Prime Contractor submits a work proposal, including the selected subcontractor(s), to the OWA for review and approval. Upon OWA approval, the Prime Contractor awards the work to the subcontractor and notifies unsuccessful applicants. Work begins.

Our winter 2020/21 program has been fully awarded, and we are not currently seeking to qualify new subcontractors at this time.

***Starting in 2021, the OWA will be moving to a process of pre-qualifying subcontractors. A pilot project will be launched early in the New Year. Check back to this webpage for details of this program.***