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OUR MISSION: To decommission Orphan oil and gas infrastructure and reclaim the land similar to its original state in a safe, principled, and cost-efficient manner.



WHAT: August 2022 Tubing Sale

Uninspected tubing sizes vary from 60.3mm, 73.0mm and 88.9mm.

WHERE: Brooks, Edmonton & Red Deer

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 at 12pm MDT.

All requests for bid documents, communication & inquiries relating to this bid should be directed to supplychain@orphanwell.ca.

RE: Mazeppa Facility – Cogeneration Power Plant

The OWA and the vested landowner are exploring different options for the Mazeppa Lands as shown below and are currently looking to identify potentially interested parties.

  1. Buyer(s) purchases the unit(s) separately or all of them and relocates the units off the Mazeppa facility. There are 5 (five) x 3.3 Megawatts cogeneration units (16.5MW Total) at the Mazeppa Power Plant Facility located near High River, Alberta.

  2. Buyer purchases entire cogeneration power plant, leaves the units on site and resumes operations.
    Note: The cogeneration power plant is currently not turnkey ready for operations and there are no regulatory approvals in place. Discussions with the vested landowner are also required as part of the process to resume operations. An option for sale of the land by the vested landowner will also be incorporated in the detailed request for proposals that is shared at a later date.

  3. Other –alternate suggestions or solutions for the units may also be reviewed.

For interested parties or for general inquiries about the power generation units, please contact supplychain@orphanwell.ca. The OWA and the vested landowner plan to release a detailed request for proposals in the future with full guidance on requirements and is only looking to identify interested parties at this time.

Please note that the OWA and the vested landowner will not be accepting phone calls for any inquiries relating to this potential sale at this time.

Kind regards,
OWA Team

Thank you to all those that participated in our Subcontractor pilot project. Our pilot project to pre-qualify Subcontractors in the two key supply categories, Service Rigs and Downhole Tools, was a success.

We will be expanding our pre-qualification process for Subcontractors for a number of other categories in the future. Please keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for further details.


As part of its investment in the energy industry, the Government of Canada’s plans include a $200 million repayable loan to the OWA. The Government of Alberta has also announced a $100 million repayable loan to the OWA, in addition to a loan announced by the province in 2017 and provided over three years. Service companies interested in working for the OWA can find information in the Work With Us tab.

In addition to loans provided to the OWA, the Government of Alberta also announced the Site Rehabilitation Program, primarily funded by the federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, which will provide up to $1 billion in funding to Alberta’s oilfield service contractors to perform well, pipeline, and oil and gas site reclamation work. The Site Rehabilitation Program is a separate program not administered by the OWA. The OWA is ineligible to apply for grant funding. Please go to alberta.ca/siterehab for further information.

The Orphan Well Association is an industry-funded collaboration among the Alberta Government, provincial regulators and oil and gas producers to work toward a common goal: protecting public safety and managing the environmental risks of oil and gas properties that do not have a legally or financially responsible party that can be held accountable. These properties are known as “orphans.” The mandate of the OWA is to safely and efficiently decommission orphan oil and gas wells, pipelines, production facilities and restore the land as close to its original state as possible.

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