Contractor Selection

Contractor Selection

Subcontractors will be engaged in two ways:

Service Rigs and Downhole Tools Pre-Qualification Pilot for Fiscal 2021/22 Work – Step 3 Request For Bids

In preparation for the fiscal April 2021/March 2022 program, OWA will be pre-qualifying Subcontractors. Step 1 -Registration for Service Rigs and Downhole Tools has closed. We thank all of the companies who have registered with us.

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) has been forwarded to a shortlist of Subcontractors and responses have been received. We are evaluating the RFQ responses to create our pre-qualified Subcontractor list for these two categories. The results will be communicated to participating Subcontractors in the coming weeks.

Step 3 – We are now in Step 3 of our OWA Work Process (see diagram). Starting in April 2021 and continuing throughout the fiscal year, our Primes will solicit Request for Bids from prequalified Subcontractors for 2021/2022 work packages. These competitions will only be open to Subcontractors on our pre-qualified list for Service Rigs and Downhole tools.

Other Categories

For all other decommissioning, remediation, and reclamation projects our Prime Contractors will continue to conduct a competitive process to select their Subcontractors for each package of work they receive from the OWA.