Contractor Selection

Contractor Selection

Subcontractors will be engaged in two ways:

Service Rigs and Downhole Tools Pre-Qualification Pilot for Fiscal 2021/22 Work – Closed

In preparation for the fiscal April 2021/March 2022 program, OWA will be pre-qualifying Subcontractors. Step 1 -Registration for Service Rigs and Downhole Tools has closed. We thank all of the companies who have registered with us. We are now in Step 2 of our OWA Work Process (see diagram). A Request for Quotation (RFQ) will be forwarded to a shortlist of Subcontractors in the next few weeks based on our evaluation process. Unsuccessful Registrants will be notified by OWA in the coming days.

Other Categories

For all other decommissioning, remediation, and reclamation projects our Prime Contractors will continue to conduct a competitive process to select their Subcontractors for each package of work they receive from the OWA.