How We Work

How We Work

The OWA operates with a staff of experts in decommissioning operations, remediation, reclamation, and supply chain management.

The work on the ground at our project sites is carried out by Contractors who are critical partners as we perform our mandate to safely and efficiently decommission, remediate and reclaim orphan wells, pipelines and production facilities. To manage our large portfolio in all corners of the province, we engage experienced engineering and consulting companies as Prime Contractors. These companies have completed a rigorous qualification process to manage large OWA projects, with the most recent qualifying competition completed in mid-2020.

The OWA’s procurement process is competitive, fair and ensures we select Subcontractors who:

  • Are eligible to work in Alberta,
  • Hold an excellent safety record,
  • Are qualified, experienced and perform quality work,
  • Have competitive rates, and
  • Will responsibly represent the OWA in relationships with landowners and communities.

Currently, qualified Prime Contractors are assigned projects throughout the year and then solicit and directly manage the selection of Subcontractors with the specific experience and expertise required.

A pilot project to pre-qualify Subcontractors in two key supply categories: Service Rigs and Downhole Tools for fiscal April 2021/March 2022 is now complete and was a success. We thank all those that participated in our pilot program.

We will be expanding our pre-qualification process for Subcontractors for a number of other categories in the future. Please keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for further details.

In alignment with its goal of the OWA being a valued partner in areas of industry operation across Alberta, OWA and its Prime Contractors are committed to engaging with pre-qualified Subcontractors in local and regional communities. 

Questions related to upcoming projects should be directed to our Prime Contractors.

Questions about the SoC Pilot? Email