AER-OWA Partnership

Defunct Companies are licensees that are deemed defaulting working interest participants by the AER pursuant to Section 70(2)(b)(iii) of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act. Defunct Companies can be companies that have ceased to exist (struck from Alberta corporate registries) or companies that are determined to be insolvent by the AER.

For more information on Orphan Fund Debts, please check out the AER’s Compliance Dashboard. The AER created the Compliance Dashboard to provide more transparency about energy development activities, hold regulated companies more accountable for their actions, and drive industry to improve their performance.

If you have any information that may assist the AER in collecting these debts, contact

AER Compliance Dashboard

As per the AER Compliance and Enforcement Program, the AER may initiate proceedings to make a declaration naming accountable individuals, in accordance with Section 106 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act or OGCA. Once named, such individuals may be prevented from conducting business with the AER on behalf of any licensee in the capacity of an officer or decision-maker.

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