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This page provides up-to-date information to landowners and stakeholders for wells that, due to their proximity to residents or other developments, may require additional information sharing and status updates. It is intended as a first resource for information.

If you have any additional information needs pertaining to any wells within this section, you can also contact for direct responses to your questions.

Vermilion – Tenwell #1

Important Information Updates: The Orphan Well Association (OWA), in conjunction with the Alberta Energy Regulator and Alberta Health Services, has developed a long-term strategy to manage methane from the well located in the playground in the Brennan subdivision. Click for details on the Long-term Management Program and the Methane Interception Operation undertaken in September 2020.

Installation of New Active Methane Management System (AMMS) Delayed

The Orphan Well Association (OWA) has delayed the installation of the long-term AMMS in the Brennan playground. The new AMMS unit was originally to be installed this past summer or early fall. However, difficulties obtaining equipment and materials has set the project back a number of months. OWA now hopes to have the new unit in place in spring / summer of 2022. The temporary AMMS is still in place, but has been turned off. The new, long-term AMMS will be installed as a backup measure only. See our latest update for more details.

If you have questions about the Long-term Management Program, please contact us by email at

Past Newsletters:

Turner Valley – Katana Well Decommissioning Project

November 15th, 2021 Update: After being on this well now for several weeks, we have decided to shut down our decommissioning operations and remove equipment from the lease. Conditions in the wellbore are not suitable for the service rig option originally planned to decommission this well. The OWA will now re-evaluate options for this well and develop a revised engineering plan for decommissioning. The timing of when we may move back onto the well for further operations will be dependent on what type of equipment is deemed to be best for this well and the availability of that equipment. The earliest we would go back on this well would be in early 2022, but it could be delayed into summer/fall 2022 if required. The OWA will provide notice to all parties as soon as we know more details.

The well remains in a safe condition and poses no risk to public safety or the environment. The OWA will continue to monitor the well while decommissioning plans are developed.

November 4th, 2021 Update: The OWA prime contractor has completed the excavation around the wellbore. A breach in the casing was found and repaired. Crews are now in the process of backfilling the excavation which will likely take until Saturday, November 6th to complete. Once the excavation has been backfilled and stabilized, a service rig will be moved back onto the well and the decommissioning operations will resume. It is expected the rig will be on site until approximately November 17th. It will then likely take an additional few days to move the rig and equipment off the site and to remove any matting from the surface.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we look to decommission this old well.

We initiated well abandonment work at the Katana (British Dominion #3) well located just off the NW corner of the Town of Turner Valley on Thursday, October 14th. Through service rig work, crews encountered a casing failure on the well at approximately 5 metres below surface. This adds a complication to our remedial efforts, but the well remains secure and safe. The failure is likely a corrosion hole due to the extensive age of the casing. In order to address this issue, the OWA and their prime contractors will now excavate and daylight the casing to a depth just below the failure point. This will require an extension of on-site activities and will result in a large, temporary excavation on the site. While this is not a routine situation, it is relatively common in older wellbores.

Our service rig crews are in the process of rigging out of the well and will suspend downhole activities until the excavation is completed and the casing repaired. As early as Wednesday, October 20th, two track hoes and a picker unit will be brought to site and excavation activities initiated. It is expected that up to four days will be required to complete the excavation. Additional space has been secured with the landowner to allow us to temporarily stockpile soils from the excavation. We expect to repair the casing as early as October 25th. Once the well is repaired, the excavation will be backfilled, the rig will move back on the well and abandonment activities will resume. It is expected that this service rig work will require an additional 9 days after repair and backfill to complete the abandonment.

We apologize that our time on site will be longer than first anticipated. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we look to abandon this very old well.

We will provide any updates to schedule etc. on the Community section of our website which may be referenced at any time.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact our lead engineer on this project Mr. Kris McNutt at (587) 438-1188.

Our project information sheet has further details.

Castle River

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