Orphan Inventory

OWA Orphan Lists

The attached lists of orphan properties are available as a downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) file, viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The first list contains wells which are licensed to defunct and/or insolvent licensees and are designated orphans by the AER for the purpose of abandonment.  Legacy wells under long term care and custody are excluded.  Please contact the Orphan Well Association for more information.

The third list contains lists of pipeline segments designated orphans by the AER.

The fourth list contains sites presently under reclamation.

If you are having difficulties viewing these lists, please contact: Marcia Baker at (403) 297-6416 or by email info@orphanwell.ca

For information on how to take over an orphan well, please see the Producers.

PLEASE NOTE: Only assets designated as orphan by the AER are under the management of the OWA.

As of November 1, 2020, orphan inventory counts are as follows:

2342 Orphan Wells for Abandonment PDF EXCEL
262 Orphan Facilities for Decommissioning PDF  EXCEL
2999 Orphan Pipeline Segments for Abandonment PDF  EXCEL
3737 Orphan Sites for Reclamation PDF  EXCEL
979 Orphan Reclaimed Sites PDF  EXCEL
105 Orphan Sites for Reclamation Requiring Surface Equip Removal PDF EXCEL
OWA Orphan List Summary

The following summary is a breakdown of abandonment and reclamation work completed or ongoing in 2020.

2342 Orphan Wells for Abandonment

  • 27% downhole decommissioning/abandonment completed
  • 37% planned for decommissioning/abandonment in 2020

3737 Orphan Sites for Reclamation

  • 37% in environmental assessment phase
  • 5% in remediation phase
  • 22% in reclamation phase
  • 30% in vegetation monitoring only or final certification phase
Orphan Sites by Map

< Orphan Wells to be Abandoned

< Orphan Wells to be Abandoned by Municipality

<  Orphan Sites to be Reclaimed

< Orphan Sites to be Reclaimed by Municipality

< Reclaimed Orphan Sites

AER Well Information

See attached for a list of wells with production information from the AER. Please note the AER disclaimer at the end of the attached list and that the AER list includes multiple events. For any further inquiries about the information in this report, please contact the AER at liabilitymanagement@aer.ca

AER_Licence_Details_Report EXCEL

The Orphan Well Association or OWA makes no representation, warranties, or guarantees, expressed or implied, for the fitness of the data with respect to its use. The OWA is not responsible for any costs incurred from use of the information in this list.

The AER Licence Details Report includes multiple events for individual wells in order to report production. Therefore there will be more entries than number of wells. Users of this list are advised that it does not necessarily reflect the current inventory of orphan wells held by the OWA and users are responsible for confirming any information used.